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Is my document drawn up in two languages do?

Today I’d like to pick up some of the questions that we have directed clients throughout this week. In general, these are issues that recur frequently and which I want to shed some light through this article.
What is a translation bridge? If my document is written in two languages, what it be translated?

While majority as the English, French, or Arabic languages are undoubtedly the most demanded, daily we receive calls that are requested translations of languages not so common. «I need to translate a birth certificate of Moldavian to Spanish», «are sworn translators of Bulgarian?». Are all languages translators juries?

It is difficult to estimate the number of languages spoken in the world, but various studies indicate that there are currently approximately some 6,000 living languages. However, it can happen that there is no translator sworn to the language combination that you request, or either, given the tight supply, have availability at that time.

Then, what if I do not get any sworn translator? The solution is to perform a translation intermediate, that is, a bridge. This procedure consists in translating the language bridge (usually Spanish, English or French) then make the translation into the final language.

For example, when are you have requested a certified translation from English to French, we first made translation from English to Spanish and, later, our sworn translator of French has made the sworn translation taking translation bridge as a source document. Or, if you need a certified translation from Arabic to Russian or Norwegian to Danish, will have to perform first the translation sworn from Arabic to Spanish and Spanish to Russian; and Norwegian to Spanish and then, from Spanish to Danish, since not there are translators who possess the double naming of Arabic and Russian and Norwegian and Danish sworn translator.
Validity of the translation bridge

I’d like to stress that you despite the double process of bridge translation, the validity of the document is not affected at any time. However, it should be note that being two translations, delivery time and budget can be increased.

Let us now in an opposite situation. Suppose that you need to translate a document drafted in two languages. No need to leave the Peninsula to find us with this situation. Many times I found certificates or college titles written in Catalan and Spanish, or Castilian and euskera. What should you do in these cases? Would language be translated?

From the professional point of view, it doesn’t matter the language from which will translate the document. While this is translated by a certified translator accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and cooperation it will have total validity.

This decision is based on the cost of the document and the supply of translators. In this case, there is an inversely proportional relationship. I.e., in the case of an academic title written in Spanish and Catalan, which should be translated into English, both the cost of translation and the delivery time will be lower since the Spanish, since the availability of qualified translators to translate from Spanish to English is superior.
The same applies, for example, in the case of adoption of China records written in Chinese and English. From the English translation shall be carried out with greater speed and lower cost than if made from Chinese.

Whatever your situation and need, we’re going to always offer the option that best fits your demand, offering greater efficiency and the most competitive prices on the market today.